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“kan” (閑) represents a quiet and relaxing presence. This is our premium line with all-natural materials and colors, showing our respect to nature. We pursue bringing the quality and colors from the Earth to the fullest and offer a lineup of classic items that you can enjoy for a long time.

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“sui” (翠) expresses an uplifting, light feeling. With “color” as its theme, the socks of this line are fashionable but also functional as an undergarment at the same time. The combinations of natural and man-made colors sometimes show more colorful expressions than a palette of paint does.

Sales will begin in August 2024.

About Us

“yahae” is our brand born in 2020, named after our founder “Yahei”, who originally started the company as a cotton business. While learning from the history we’ve built, we also value looking toward the future to sustainably keep creating. The socks we discussed and designed turned out to be ones that cherish the present time and make us want to wear them for as long as we can.

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While organic cotton is our main material, we also use other natural materials such as yak, alpaca and wool. As socks directly touch our skin, materials of good quality are essential. To realize ideal comfort, we often start from designing the threads, which results in a unique look, and that’s where yahae’s colors, shades and touches come from.

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Socks are a type of knitwear, like a small sweater. Please give them a little extra care just as when you care for your favorite sweater.
Although they’re consumable goods, here is how to care so that you can use them better for longer.

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