Yahae Kiyosumi

In 2020, yahae’s own store was opened in a section of the Kiyosumi Nagaya row houses located near Kiyosumi Park. The logo features a kingfisher, a bird you may find in the nearby Kiyosumi Gardens. We do not solely sell socks from yahae and Organic Garden, but also selected apparel items - such as coats, cut-and-sewn long-sleeved Tees, and organic cotton underwear. The concrete walls are utilized as-is and the greens through its large window create a stylish and relaxed feeling.

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  • 1F 3-3-30 Kiyosumi Kotouku Tokyo 135-0024
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  • TEL(+81) 3-5875-9510
  • OPEN10:00–18:00
  • CLOSETuesday

Siki (糸季)

Siki (糸季) is a small specialty socks shop located in “Nara-machi”, an area where the old streets of Nara remain. The “糸” kanji represents a heart-to-heart connection through the items, and the “季” kanji represents life with gratitude, feeling seasons and full of grace from nature. It opened in 2013 to let more people know that many socks are made in Nara. In addition to organic cotton socks, we offer wide variety of items such as daily, household goods, underwear, and other apparel items. An old traditional wooden townhouse was renovated into the shop, and it has a warm atmosphere with many regular customers.

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  • 18 Takamikadocho Nara-City Nara 630-8336
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  • TEL(+81) 742-77-0722
  • OPEN10:00–17:30
  • CLOSEIrregular holiday