1Turn them inside out

Socks are knitted with two kinds of thread, upper threads and under threads. Protein-based stains (such as skin cells and cuticles) are often rubbed off on the under threads. As those entangled stains are hard to wash off with only detergent, it is more efficient to turn socks inside out and scrub by hand. By turning inside out, the bacteria from protein-based stains are prevented, which prevents odors. It also protects the upper threads, which use natural fiber, from being worn out by friction.

2Wash by hand or with a lower spin speed

While hand-washing is our recommendation, when you’re unable to do so, put them in a laundry net and wash with a lower spin speed of your washing machine. Be sure to set it to a hand-wash cycle or delicate wash cycle and use a mild detergent.

3Dry in shade with the cuffs up

In order to prevent the rubber from deteriorating, dry with the elastic cuffs up. You can dry them inside out. To keep the fabric and elastic from getting damaged, we recommend air-drying in the shade and to avoid direct sunlight. Do not leave them hung for long after drying, but store in a clothes storage box, etc.

*Items using alpaca or wool
As it is a particularly delicate material, be sure to use a mild detergent and air-dry them. Do not tumble dry.