NARA TEIBAN 6th Anniversary

NARA TEIBAN 6th Anniversary
"What is...?" Exhibition What is jazz, socks, and medicinal herbs?

NARA TEIBAN was born from a public-private collaboration project, and thanks to everyone, we are celebrating our 6th anniversary.
It was born out of the activities of small and medium-sized manufacturers, whose focus was on subcontracting and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), to design "standards."
What we have been particular about is the design of the process before the shape is born.
We have developed our sales floor with the theme of "The store should be fun" while repeatedly asking ourselves, "How should our work be useful in the future?"
Going back to the basics of ``What is...?'', we have decided to join forces with the public and private sectors to create a limited-time ``shop'' at Space of Ginza on the 1st floor of Matsuya Ginza. .
We look forward to your visit.

-Event period-
April 3rd (Wednesday) - 9th (Tuesday)
11:00am - 8:00pm until 7:30pm on Sundays or the last day of consecutive holidays

Matsuya Ginza 1st floor Space of Ginza

-Exhibiting companies-
Tsubooka Forestry Co., Ltd. / Seizan HIJIRIYAMA / Orisu, Leading Nook Yoshinori Tsujimura / TSUJIMURA / Kuzugashi Yakuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. / Yaquo Warms Labo / Others Yamato Tea Team-T / Sencha, Hojicha Shinobu Kaikon Seisakusho / 4-Nov / Kakimoto Co., Ltd./Kakimoto Iron Works/Iron miscellaneous goods and others Yoshida Yoshindo Co., Ltd./Mint Therapeutics/Spray and others Okai Azabu Shoten Co., Ltd./Mafu a Mano/Azabu, Azabu and others Shintaro Nakata/naice/Social Co., Ltd./BIBLIOTECA/ Men's and women's clothing Atsushi Hatanaka/Tea pots, objects Imanishi Socks Co., Ltd./Cache-cache cou cou!/Design socks dyeing and weaving workshop Utsusemi/eshinu/Stoles and others Yamaya Co., Ltd./yahae/Socks