Organic Cotton Linen Sneaker Socks|7-5013 | Yellow

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This set of two pairs of short socks features a striped pattern on the heel. You can enjoy two types of materials, linen and organic cotton. The yellow comes from Fukugi (common garcinia), and the green derives from the combination of indigo and Fukugi.

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【Cotton】95% Organic cotton, 4% Nylons, 1% Polyurethane
【Linen】95% Linen, 4% Nylons, 1% Polyurethane


S : 22.5-24.5cm EU 35-39 USW 5.5-7.5 USM 4.5-6.5
M : 25-27cm EU 39-44 USW 8-10 USM 7-9


・Gentle wash mode in a washing machine is recommended.
・For best results, turn socks inside out and wash in a laundry net.
・Hang in a well-ventilated place, out of direct sunlight.