Organic Cotton Blended Yak Knee Socks | 7-5017 | Brown

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These high-gauge high socks use yak and organic cotton. While they softly tighten, they’re stretchy and fit well. They do not easily slip off and can be used like long hose for business uses. The seam at the toe uses the linking sewing, and a pattern using indigo-dyed yarn adds some extra flair.

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72% Organic Cotton
18% Yak
7% Nylon
3% Polyurethane


S : 22.5-24.5cm EU 35-39 USW 5.5-7.5 USM 4.5-6.5
M : 25-27cm EU 39-44 USW 8-10 USM 7-9


・Gentle wash mode in a washing machine is recommended.
・For best results, turn socks inside out and wash in a laundry net.
・Hang in a well-ventilated place, out of direct sunlight.