Organic Cotton 100% Ribbed Socks|7-5007 | Green

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These ribbed socks are made only from cotton, with no backing yarn (such as nylon). They have fine ribbed knitting to ensure a good fit, and will not slip down without feeling uncomfortably tight. As there is no backing thread, they are relaxing and comfortable to wear.

Natural : Indigo dyeing is a natural dyeing technique used in Japan for a long time for field clothes and hand towels, and has deodorizing, insecticidal, and antibacterial effects. We use indigo yarn dyed with a traditional technique called “natural fermentation method”.

Green : Iron mordant dyeing is a technique often used in plant dyeing to prevent the color from fading due to sunlight. Green cotton has a tendency to fade, but the iron mordanting stabilizes the color.

Natural Black : Gobaishi dyeing is a natural dyeing method using galls from sumac trees. They contain a lot of tannin, which gives it a unique deep gray color that is entirely dissimilar to black. It has antibacterial properties that meets JIS standards and keep your feet comfortable in the socks.


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100% Organic Cotton


S : 23-24.5 cm EU 36-39 USW 6-7.5 USM 5-6.5
M : 25.5-27 cm EU 41-44 USW 8.5-10 USM 7.5-9
L : 27.5-29 cm EU 45-48 USW 10.5-12 USM 9.5-11


・Gentle wash mode in a washing machine is recommended.
・For best results, turn socks inside out and wash in a laundry net.
・Hang in a well-ventilated place, out of direct sunlight.