Organic Cotton Ankle Pile Socks|7-5004 | Green

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Inspired by military socks, these ribbed socks have pile soles and are perfect for daily use. The pile knitting on the sole and the supportive elastic at the arch of the foot make them comfortable to wear. Their length is long enough to cover your ankles. Perfect for everyday strolling or working out.

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95% Organic Cotton
4% Nylons
1% Polyurethane


S : 22.5-24.5 cm EU 35-39 USW 5.5-7.5 USM 4.5-6.5
M : 25-27 cm EU 39-44 USW 8-10 USM 7-9
L : 27.5-29.5 cm EU 44-49 USW 10.5-12.5 USM 9.5-11.5


・Gentle wash mode in a washing machine is recommended.
・For best results, turn socks inside out and wash in a laundry net.
・Hang in a well-ventilated place, out of direct sunlight.