About us

We have been consistent in oering ethical products, with a strong belief in its timeless brand values;

-Quality materials, Proud crasmanship and Superior comfort.


yahae’ s socks enriches day-to-day life for the consumers seeking for quality lifestyle.

わたしたちが作るのは、100年に迫る私たちの「歴史」と、これから歩みたい 100年先の「未来」を1本の糸で編み立てる、心身ともに心地よい時を紡ぐ靴下です。

We are a small sock factory that has been based in the town of Koryo, Nara Japan since 1921. The name of “yahae” comes from our ancestors , " Umamimura Yahei ".

It's been 200 years since the company was founded, and I've come to think about what it should be like to approach manufacturing.
There are three things I think are important.
・Follow traditional manufacturing methods.
・Appropriately add nifty ideas and design thinking with our sense of living in the present.
・Imagine the future and build a sustainable sock industry .
Our approach to manufacturing seems new, but it's likely that our predecessors have tried the same.
“Yahae” is the culmination of our efforts to make socks with that in mind. I want to aim not only to make things, but to make something meaningful.
Based on the concept of "Quality materials, Proud crasmanship and Superior comfort.", We will deliver high quality and fashionable socks that you will want to give to someone.


そんな思いからで靴下作りに向き合う私たちの集大成が“yahae”です。ただものを作るだけではなく、意図が汲み取れるものつくりを目指したい。Quality materials, Proud crasmanship and Superior comfort.〈歴史と思いで編成される、素材、技術、そしてデザイン〉“をコンセプトに、靴下の町・広陵町から、誰かにもプレゼントしたくなるような上質でファッショナブルな靴下をお届けします。

#yahae's mission

We believe that our mission is to create everlasting standard products using special materials that are friendly to your feet and the environment. If you choose ethical consumption , our society will head towards better future. It will be a small "driving force" that changes the society around you.




#Material selection

In order to produce the ideal socks for us, we adopt a different approach from traditional sock making.We place more value on making the most of characteristics of the material just like cooking. And that is why all of yahae's socks are made with no chemical dyes, only natural colors.




#Color performance

We do not use any chemical dyeing in our socks. This is partly due to the fact that we aim to make our socks sustainable by eliminating the dyeing process, which is said to have a large environmental impact.

There is a wide range of natural colours on the planet. For example, there is brown cotton, which is close to the original species, grown in the United States, and brown and black alpaca hair, which is carefully raised in Peru using traditional methods. In our search for materials, we have encountered beautiful natural colours and have become fascinated by them, which is perhaps the real reason why we value primary colours so much.