About us

We have been consistent in oering ethical products, with a strong belief in its timeless brand values;

-Quality materials, Proud crasmanship and Superior comfort.


yahae’ s socks enriches day-to-day life for the consumers seeking for quality lifestyle.

わたしたちが作るのは、100年に迫る私たちの「歴史」と、これから歩みたい 100年先の「未来」を1本の糸で編み立てる、心身ともに心地よい時を紡ぐ靴下です。

We are a small sock factory that has been based in the town of Koryo, Nara Japan since 1921. The name of “yahae” comes from our ancestors.

Koryo town is the top producer of socks in Japan. The town of Koryo is located in the Yamato-Basin, surrounded by rolling mountains on all sides.This area has been known for its quality textile, including Yamato-momen since around 17th centry.With such a background, the local people in the region still call ‘sock knitting’ as ‘sock weaving.’

We make socks inspired by nature and history; a pair of socks knitted with materials pleasant for your feet and comfortable for your heart.
We believe that the socks you choose in the morning set the tone in giving you a comfortable life.





#yahae's mission

We believe that our mission is to create everlasting standard products using materials that are comfortable for both the feet and heart.If you choose ethical consumption , our society will head towards better future.




#Material selection

What is socks as underwear ? It is a pair of socks knitted with materials pleasant to your feet and heart.To make an ideal pair of socks, drawing on our past experience is just as important as the materials we select, to the dyeing and spinning techniques we employ.We place more value on making the most of characteristics of the material just like cooking. And that is why all of yahae's socks are made with no chemical dyes, only natural colors.


私たちが作るのは、肌着としての靴下です。それは心身ともに心地よいと感じる素材で編み立てた靴下。理想の履き 心地を念頭に置き、「原料の選定」、「染色技法」、「紡績技法」に至るまで、過去の経験則から靴下の設計図を描きま す。料理と同じで私たちはまず素材の特徴を活かすことを考えています。そんな考えから私たちが使用する素材は、全 て化学染料は一切使用しておらず、自然の色だけでできています。


#Color performance

We do not use any chemical dyeing in our socks. This is partly due to the fact that we aim to make our socks sustainable by eliminating the dyeing process, which is said to have a large environmental impact.

There is a wide range of natural colours on the planet. For example, there is brown cotton, which is close to the original species, grown in the United States, and brown and black alpaca hair, which is carefully raised in Peru using traditional methods. In our search for materials, we have encountered beautiful natural colours and have become fascinated by them, which is perhaps the real reason why we value primary colours so much.