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These ORGANIC COTTON BLENDED YAK RIBBED SOCKS are knitted on a vintage double-cylinder low-gauge knitting machine. They are made of special yarn that is a blend of yak and colored organic cotton and supima organic cotton. All of which are in its natural color. The thick socks are versatile and can be appreciated for its comfort, design, and durability. It is a slightly longer crew length.

The color is expressed by blending yak hair from Tibet with colored organic cotton from the USA. The yak hair is naturally shed hair. This is one of the reasons we use it in our products as we want to think of the animal and its rights. It is in an elegant dark gray, has excellent heat retention, and moisture absorption properties. In addition to being warm, it is also comfortable and does not pile up. You can wear them all year round, even outside in the fall and winter seasons. They are also moist to the touch and do not prickle like wool.

Colored organic cottons such as brown and green cotton are made from sustainable colored cottons produced on Dr. Sally Fox’s farm. She invented a colored cotton seed that can be spun into thread.

The special materials are collected from all over the world and spun at a well-established spinning company in Japan.






茶綿や緑綿といったオーガニックカラードコットン は、サリー・フォックス博士( Sally Fox )が営む農場で作られた、サスティナブルなカラードコットンを使っています。世界から集めた素材を日本にある老舗紡績会社で紡績をお願いしています。


SIZE | S : 22.5-24.5cm EU 35-39  USW 5.5-7.5 USM 4.5-6.5
           M : 25-27cm  EU 39-44  USW 8-10 USM 7-9

           L : 27.5–29.5 cm EU 44-49  USW 10.5-12.5 USM 9.5-11.5

COLOUR | Grey, Brown, Green, Dark grey
QUALITY | 70% Organic Cotton, 20% Yak, 5% Nylons, 5% Polyurethane