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These ORGANIC COTTON ROW GAUGE SOCKS are knitted on a vintage Bentley machine, in England. The socks are knitted slowly using a lot of yarn and have a gentle hand-knit feel.The material is white and brown organic cotton.

The white organic cotton is a blend of cotton from various sources such as the United States, India, Turkey, Africa, and Peru etc. The reason why we do not limit the production area is that the quality of the pesticide-free cotton produced in a given year inevitably varies depending on the weather and climate.

The brown is a natural brown made from 100% brown cotton, which is a sustainable colored cotton produced on Dr. Sally Fox's farm. She invented a colored cotton seed that can be spun into thread.

We use yarns that are spun by a well-established spinning company in Japan that knows and understands the quality of cotton.

Different types of cottons offer different comfort. The white one is chunky and smooth to the touch, while the brown one is firm and comfortable.


イギリス ベントレー社の古いヴィンテージマシーンで編み立てた、昔ながらの風合いのあるローゲージソックス。たくさんの糸を使いゆっくりと編み上げた、手編みのような優しい履き心地です。


ブラウンは、茶綿を100%使った自然なブラウンです。これはサリー・フォックス博士( Sally Fox )が営む農場で作られた、サスティナブルなカラードコットンを使っています。



SIZE | S: 22.5-24.5 cm EU 35-39  USW 5.5-7.5 USM 4.5-6.5

           M: 25-27 cm EU 39-44  USW 8-10 USM 7-9

COLOUR | Natural-White Cotton 100%, Brown-Brown Cotton 100%

QUALITY | 92% Organic Cotton, 7% Nylons, 1% Polyurethane