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These GARABOU ORGANIC COTTON SOCKS are made of yarn with the unique Japanese spinning method "Garabou", resulting in a rich, hand-spun texture.  Our slipper socks make you comfortable during your relaxation time at home.

“Garabou” was invented in 1877 as a way to mechanically spin Japanese cotton, which has short fibers. The yarn uses recycled organic cotton as raw material. The unevenness and irregularity of the yarn makes it very comfortable to wear and breathable. The yarn we use is made by the one and only spinning company in Japan.

Please enjoy the unique look that cannot be expressed by modern machines. Because of the un-even thickness of Garabo material, it cannot be knitted on a regular knitting machine. A 40-year-old sock knitting machine that was designed to knit a wide range of yarn thicknesses due to the immaturity of the spinning method is converted into a special knitting machine.


日本独自の紡績方法「ガラ紡」の糸を締め付けの少ない編み地で優しく編み立てた靴下です。ルームソックス としておうち時間に履くと心地よく毎日に寄り添ってくれます。




SIZE | S : 22.5-24.5cm  EU 35-39  USW 5.5-7.5 USM 4.5-6.5
           M : 25-27cm  EU 39-44  USW 8-10 USM 7-9
COLOUR |  Natural-White Cotton, Brown-Brown Cotton, Green-Green Cotton with iron mordant
QUALITY | 95% Organic cotton, 4% Nylons, 1% Polyurethane

*Due to the characteristics of the material, each item of Garabo has its own unique expression and individual differences.

*Due to the nature of the material, each item is hand-knitted in a similar way but each item cannot be knitted in the same way.